Metheny Family Triumphs On & Off the Court in 2019

Summer 2019 has been very important for Kaden Metheny. The University rising senior point guard & AAA state champion just picked up yet another Division I college offer from the University of Pennsylvania on June 25. He has put his talents on display & performed at a high level nearly every weekend in front of DI college coaches in AAU and high school tournaments.

But no big game or monster performance can triumph what happened to his family on June 11. On that day, Metheny found out that his mom, Heidi, was in remission after nearly a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for colon cancer.

"We knew she was going to be cancer free, from how faithful we were," Kaden said. "Obviously we were joyful, but we knew it all along."

Heidi found out in September that she had cancer when the doctors saw something after a routine colonoscopy. She began chemotherapy in October and went through eight rounds of treatment followed by five weeks of daily radiation.

Cancer was not the first obstacle that Heidi had to go through in her adult life. She had open heart surgery seven years ago and was in a coma for a week. She says that from that moment, her family turned to faith to get them through that, and any challenge that came thereafter.

"I never wavered in my faith. I always knew I would be healed," Heidi said. "I just did what I had to do to get to the finish line and at the same time just continued business as usual, continued to watch him play."

Part of the 'business as usual' was attending University basketball games. In the midst of all her treatments, Heidi has not missed a single high school game of Kaden's. Even the ones in Myrtle Beach at the Beach Ball Classic in December, where Kaden tied a tournament record with nine three-pointers and tallied 35 points against Cox Mill (N.C.).

Although Heidi and her husband, Greg, tried to mask what she was going through to Kaden, their 9 year old son Treyson, and 22 year old son Nathan, her middle child knew some days were definitely hard for his mom.

"She did her best to not show it but you could tell it was dragging her down a little bit," Kaden said. "I just tried to spend as much time with her as possible without letting her do too much."

Just by having one conversation with Kaden, you can tell how proud he is of his mom.

"I was getting ready to leave the house and run some errands and Kaden's friends were over. I went to say goodbye to them and one of his friends came up to tell me that Kaden said 'my mom is a beast.' I was like that's the nicest thing anyone could ever say to me," Heidi jokingly recalled.

That beast mentality has been passed down from mother to son.

"I really don't worry about the game until the buzzer goes off, because he will do some pretty crazy things in end-of-game situations to win a game and I'm just proud of the way he competes," Heidi said about Kaden.

With this chapter of their lives closed, the future is as bright as ever for Kaden. He still has his senior year left to play at University High. He will decide which Division I college basketball program will be getting his nifty ball handling skills and knack for the big moment in the coming months.

Although Kaden admits it is a stressful time, weighing his options in order to make the right choice, if 2019 showed the Metheny family anything, its that positivity and faith will lead them in the right direction.

"What my parents have always told me is 'Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the process. I'm doing my best to do that,"

After the year and season that was for Kaden, he definitely deserves to do just that.