Mountain East announces 2020 football schedule

The Mountain East conference has released the football schedules for its 12 member institutions. Each school will play one non-conference game on Week 1 followed by 10 MEC games.

Fairmont State, Glenville State & WV Wesleyan will play first-year associate member UNC Pembroke this season. The Fighting Falcons and the Pioneers are each scheduled to play four times on Thursday night.

The schedule, which is listed below, is subject to change due to COVID-19.

Week 1
Thurs. 9/3 WV Wesleyan at West Florida
Thurs. 9/3 Fairmont State at Shorter University (Ga.)
Thurs 9/3 Alderson Broaddus at Glenville State

Week 2 (Sept. 12)
Thur. 9/10: Urbana at West Liberty
Thur. 9/10: Charleston at Fairmont State
WV State at Frostburg State
Notre Dame at Wheeling
Glenville State at Concord
WV Wesleyan at UNC-Pembroke

Week 3 (Sept. 19)
Thur. 9/17: Wheeling at Urbana
Thur. 9/17: UNC-Pembroke at Glenville State
Thur. 9/17: Frostburg State at Charleston
West Liberty at Notre Dame
Fairmont State at WV State
Concord at WV Wesleyan

Week 4 (Sept. 26)
Thur. 9/24: Glenville State at Wheeling
Notre Dame at WV State
Urbana at Charleston
WV Wesleyan at West Liberty
Concord at Frostburg State
UNC-Pembroke at Fairmont State

Week 5 (Oct. 3)
West Liberty at Glenville State
Wheeling at WV Wesleyan
Fairmont State at Concord
Frostburg State at UNC-Pembroke
Charleston at Notre Dame
WV State at Urbana

Week 6 (Oct. 10)
Fairmont State at Urbana
Frostburg State at Notre Dame
WV Wesleyan at WV State
Glenville State at Charleston
Concord at West Liberty
UNC-Pembroke at Wheeling

Week 7 (Oct. 17)
Thur. 10/15: Charleston at Concord
West Liberty at Fairmont State (HC)
Wheeling at Frostburg State
Notre Dame at WV Wesleyan
Urbana at Glenville State
WV State at UNC-Pembroke

Week 8 (Oct. 24)
Concord at WV State
Fairmont State at Wheeling
Frostburg State at West Liberty
Glenville State at Notre Dame
UNC-Pembroke at Charleston
WV Wesleyan at Urbana

Week 9 (Oct. 31)
Thur. 10/29: Notre Dame at Fairmont State
Thur. 10/29: WV State at Glenville State
West Liberty at UNC-Pembroke
Wheeling at Concord
Urbana at Frostburg State
Charleston at WV Wesleyan

Week 10 (Nov. 7)
Thur. 11/5: Glenville State at Fairmont State
West Liberty at WV State
Frostburg State at WV Wesleyan
Urbana at Concord
Charleston at Wheeling
UNC-Pembroke at Notre Dame

Week 11 (Nov. 14)
Wheeling at West Liberty
Fairmont State at Frostburg State
Notre Dame at Urbana
WV State at Charleston
WV Wesleyan at Glenville State
Concord at UNC-Pembroke