The "Final Word" on West Virginia and Kansas State

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - West Virginia finally got back into the win column Saturday with an 89-51 win over Kansas State.

The Mountaineers apparently took a page out of Michael Jordan's book and played very well despite several players battling the flu.

Following West Virginia's road loss to Iowa State head coach Bob Huggins said during a radio interview that his players single-handedly destroyed "Press Virginia" and that they couldn't guard anybody.

Well, that was far from the case against the Wildcats. Kansas State had more turnovers than they did field goals. 15 turnovers. 14 field goals.

"(We're) still 'Press Virginia,' said Beetle Bolden, who scored 13 points against Kansas State. "(We) can still turn people over. We just have come and play with energy every single night."

"I thought really our pressure was really, pretty good," said Huggins. "We kind of backed it off at the end. I was just trying to save people's legs."

Huggins seemed surprised his team performed quite well. Many of his players were in and out of the hospital with flu symptoms and it really impacted practice time.

"Beetle came in yesterday pretty much right out of the hospital and said 'Coach, I can go,'" said Huggins. "And then Dax (Miles Jr.) wanted to go, but I didn't let him do anything. I just told him to sit there and watch. I had so many guys sick that we couldn't really practice. We looked at it on film and we went out and kind of dummied through it,but we didn't go live for two days. It was a two day prep and we didn't go live at any point in time for two days."

Senior, Jevon Carter, was healthy all week. But, he didn't score a whole lot of points. He did, however, have 11 assists. Huggins chalked this up to "JC" wanting to get his teammates in a groove.

"JC really wants to win. His whole thing was, every time we were in the huddle, was 'Hey, we got to believe,'" added Huggins. "I think he wanted to get other people involved. He turned down shots that he normally takes."

But, in the end West Virginia cruised to a win and snapped a three-game losing streak. Now the team's hoping things start to look up again.

"We were having our downs. Everybody has there up's and down's," said Lamont West, who chipped in with eight points against KSU. "Now it's time for us to have our up's."

West Virginia will face Oklahoma on the road Monday night.