WVU football virtually welcomes incoming freshmen to meetings

The NCAA has recently granted relief which allows incoming freshmen to begin joining virtual team meetings upon graduation. WVU head coach Neal Brown believes this will allow the class to have a leg up when they arrive on campus.

"They may be a little further ahead from a mental stand point because we are going to be able to spend more time teaching those guys and they are going to be in more meeting than they normally would," Brown said. "I think mentally they are going to be more prepared but physically they are going to miss."

The month of June is usually used as an adjustment month for the incoming class to learn how to be college student-athletes, lift weights, and condition them to go up against the higher level of competition.

The Mountaineers are in the midst of Week 8 of their remote operations, as team and position meetings are being held via video conferences. Teams are allowed to meet with their players up to 8 hours total per week.