Werdebaugh: We're Going to Have a Team at Notre Dame

After rumors swirled through out the three-week practice period about the state of Fighting Irish football in the upcoming season, new Notre Dame football coach Scott Werdebaugh is putting them to rest.

"We're going to have a team," he said confidently.

Werdebaugh said he met with school administration for two hours on Tuesday when they made the decision. He was hired just under 2 weeks ago to replace 24-year Notre Dame football coaching veteran Sam Alvaro who resigned at the beginning of June.

The new head man was the head coach at Trinity football when the Warriors first created a varsity team in 2009.

Werdebaugh says Notre Dame began practice on Monday and currently has 13 kids signed up, but encourages any players who want to join the team to reach out to him.

The Irish begin their 2019 slate against Pendleton County on August 30th.