Bed Bugs are invading north central West Virginia this week

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A bed bug.

Holiday travelers will be coming into homes all over north central West Virginia this week. And, along with them will come an unwanted traveler - Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs are well-known as travelers. They are most likely to travel in luggage, purses or backpacks. They can live without food for up to a year and attach themselves prior to a trip and live for hundreds or even thousands of miles until the traveler reaches its destination. Then, they will relocate to the traveler’s new destination. The new destination could be your home in north central West Virginia.

Mike Spiroff, President of Tri State Exterminating has seen this scenario unfold every holiday season. “Bed Bugs are not only present in what people would consider a dirty house. They can invade a perfectly clean house by their ability to travel.”

Even if your holiday guests are staying in a hotel, they can easily bring Bed Bugs to your home on their clothing during a visit. Once inside your home, Bed Bugs look for a warm place to stay, like a bed, sofa or chair. They feed on human blood. So, if you have one bite, or several, that might look similar to a mosquito bite, it could be a Bed Bug bite.

Even though Bed Bugs don’t fly, they can still spread quickly throughout your home.

Bed Bugs are usually ¼ to 3/16 of an inch in length. Here’s what to look for if you think you may have Bed Bugs:

  • Blood stains or dark spots on your sheets or pajamas
  • Rusty, reddish stains in the crevices of your mattress, sofa or chair
  • A musty odor
  • Bites on your body that resemble mosquito bites

If you suspect that you may have Bed Bugs, the best thing to do is call a licensed exterminator. Tri State Exterminating has been eradicating Bed Bugs in north central West Virginia since 1969. They can come to your home and tell you if you have Bed Bugs and immediately take care of the problem if you do. Emergency service is also available.

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