AHF Manufacturing union scheduled to renegotiate contract after strike

Another step in the ongoing negotiations between AHF Manufacturing and Teamsters Local 175 will take place within the next week or so.
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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Union employees at the AHF Manufacturing Plant in Beverly will return to the negotiating table.

Teamsters Local 175, a union consisting of nearly 500 employees, went on strike on March 13th in protest to the contract. That strike lasted only one shift. Since then, work has resumed as usual with Teamsters and Manufacturing staff scheduling a date to resume negotiations.

This strike was the newest development in the ongoing negotiations between the two parties after the 2017 contracts expired with no new contract in place. AHF Manufacturing staff offered a new contract in early February, but union members were unhappy with the rising cost of health insurance and elimination of pensions. That contract was shut down in a 369-26 union vote on February 9th.

No information for the date of the negotiations is available but it is scheduled within the next week.